Make Up FAQ

 Make Up Class FAQs



-  Standard Music Together® policy is 2 Make Up's allowed per semester with no roll overs.  Only Music Together Dallas offers unlimited Make Up's with rollover options. 


 -  Please Do NOT show up to a class without using the online Make Up scheduler or calling the office to help you. Classes only have a set number of slots available.  


-  If a class is not listed on the Make Up scheduler, then there are not any spots available in that particular class.  


-  When class does not meet, due to holidays or any other reason, there is no need to schedule a make up class. These breaks are built into the session and you will still be receiving a 10-week semester. 


-  If you bring a sibling to class, and they have previously been enrolled with Music Together Dallas, please let us know. Chances are, you may have unused make up classes they can use. 


-  The $20 sibling / guest drop in fee applies to siblings 7 years and younger, that do not have any make up classes available. 


-  You may not roll Make Ups over into any semester you are not enrolled in (have the Music Materials).   Music Together is a curriculum and not a playgroup.  You are not able to attend a course without the course materials.


-  If you do not take advantage of our generous Make Up policy for any reason you will not receive prorated tuition off a future semester. 


-  Many families register for 2 Music Together classes a week to deepen the experience.   If you've accumulated Make Up's, simply double up on classes for a few weeks.  You'll be pleased you took the time to put these classes on your calendar.


-  Schedule MORE Make Up classes than you have.   You read right!  If you want an extra class here and there, take one on us.


-  Did you know attending Make Up classes with a different teacher will enhance educational deductions and myelinate neural connections?  Try our another of our wonderful teachers!


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