Our Teachers

Meet the Teachers of [BUSINESS NAME]

Our teachers come from all sorts of backgrounds, but they’re united by a common passion: Sharing music with children and families in the [TOWN/ NEIGHBORHOOD]!

All teachers have successfully completed the live Music Together® Teacher Training, which is built on research in early childhood and music development. We keep our skills fresh through workshops every semester and advanced trainings offered by Music Together Worldwide.

photo [TEACHER #1]

[SAMPLE] Betsy has taught Music Together for the past seven years, when she started Music Together of Anywhere! She graduated from WVU in 2002 with dual degrees in music and early childhood education, and knew from the start that she wanted to help share her love of music with the littlest learners. Her favorite song is the “Hello Song,” and her favorite part of every class is when the little ones hug her on their way out the door. Betsy teaches Mixed Age classes.

photo [TEACHER #2]

[SAMPLE] A veteran Music Together teacher, Linda has a B.A. in Fitness and several related certifications, and spent 15 years working for the YMCA. She has also attained Music Together Certification Level II. Linda played in bands, orchestras, and jazz groups throughout her high school and college years and discovered the joy of singing when she began participating in vocal ensembles and singing at church. Most recently she has been seen playing the bass guitar in a jazz brass band in the Twin Cities.

photo Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Nannies

In class and at home, the real teachers are the parents and caregivers! Children are biologically wired to respond best to the model of the people with whom they have a bond of attachment.